Blog Guidelines

Brief: The idea of the blog is to provide readers/members with something light hearted and easy to read which shares some interesting stories of your experience working on international development projects.

Things to include;

  1. Who you are?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Where you work?
  4. Photos (i.e. 2 minimum and 3 maximum of size <2MB as shrinking can be a time consuming process). Please include a title, relevant names, and one or two sentences about what the photo is of. Please note: Where possible, we intend to disseminate blog images through our social media platforms. If there is an issue due to image ownership that prevents us from posting your images, please inform us when submitting your blog.
  5. Length (try to keep it to one page of text approximately 1000 words or less)


  1. Find the right balance between personal stories and a take home message - this could include a R4D experience which demonstrates technical information, a scientific finding or a key lesson learned.
  2. High quality photos and interesting captions make for a much more engaging blog
  3. For some examples, check out the top 5 most read blogs from 2015

Ideas on what to talk about;

  • Challenges and successes. A challenge or success story are a great way to share experiences and things that you have learned, so feel free to share these types of stories.
  • Any advice/recommendations for people entering or working in the international agricultural development field
  • Any big moments/light bulb ideas that you have had or experienced working overseas. Maybe these can be helpful for other people
  • We encourage our members to highlight interesting and conversational topics that initiate discussion. However, if authors are discussing controversial topics we ask that they be somewhat bipartisan and present information acknowledging the different points of view.

A little bit of science. It’s good if a little science is included as well (although this not at all necessary!). If so, it would be better to put the key outcome/finding of the research and a link to a paper/report. We don’t intend for this blog to be a library of scientific reports or be filled with too many facts and figures.