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2018-2019 Agricultural Research Leadership and Management workshops

Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID) and the Crawford Fund recently held a workshop on Agricultural Research Leadership and Management in Brisbane.

In the coming year, RAID and Crawford Fund would like to deliver more of these workshops in different locations in Australia.

To give your city a fighting chance to be the host of one of these workshop COMPLETE THIS POLL. It’ll take 30 seconds, I promise.

About the workshop

The workshop will provide an introduction to managing and leading in the context of research for development; and enable each participant to develop a set of actionable outcomes (the 30-day challenge) as a result of participation.

   - Understand the basic concepts of managing and leading

   - Build self-awareness of your own styles and preferences and understand how these impact both your perceptions and how you interact with people
   - Explore people management, and the way people work with and respond to each other
   - Gain skills in providing and receiving feedback, and how to manage conflict
   - Learn about how to manage up-wards
   - Understand models that integrate evaluation and planning
   - Explore processes for effective project management
   - Plan a process of on-going self-directed learning
   - The workshop will be a combination of seminar style presentations, class and group discussions and group exercises

Target Audience
Outcomes of this workshop will be most useful to those currently working as researchers on agriculture projects in developing countries. However, all of the content is relevant to agricultural research in Australia. PhD students at any stage of their candidature would also benefit.

More information about the workshop the workshop we held in Brisbane can be found here.

Feedback from the Brisbane workshop
Check out this blog from someone who participated in the one that’s just happened in Brisbane.

Poll closes on Wednesday, 15 August.

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