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Get on-board with students in projects!

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By David McGill & Jenny Hanks Having students, whether they be undergrad/postgrad/local/international/short-term/long-term, engaged in your R4D project opens up great possibilities for innovation, engagement, stirring up  some passion and in many cases, a whole lot of fun! My first real experience working with students on a project occurred on the back of a random thought bubble I had driving around in Pakistan. I was having trouble collating and synthesising some basic training material and decided that a little bit of help from Australian based students would be a great way to work on multiple modules simultaneously. I took the idea…
At RAID we hear a lot of stories from people working in international agriculture. The challenges of frequent travel and working in developing countries, but also the highlights of having a meaningful career and creating impact. But what about the family members left at home to juggle life commitments while we’re busy travelling? We interviewed 4 family members and got some very honest feedback about what it’s like to live with someone working in international ag. #ModernDad: Part-time lawyer. Father of 3 children aged 5-9. Living in a regional town away from extended family. #YoungMum: Primary shool teacher. Mother of…
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Tomorrow never dies

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By Omid Neishaboory Nejad Coming from a fast developing country with different levels of exposure to modern and complex urban lifestyle on one hand and old simple rural lifestyle on the other hand made my experience in Myanmar absolutely unexpected, heartwarming and inspiring. I was born and bred in Iran, a country full of natural resources, great minds, fascinating history, and plenty of things to be proud of. Growing up and being a vet in Iran gave me the chance to live and work with people with different backgrounds and perspectives and what I learnt from that was being “open”…
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How to have an Aussie Christmas overseas!

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No matter where you are and how you celebrate, from the RAID team we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   If you’re spending Christmas overseas this year, here are a few tips to help you celebrate the holiday season in “Australian” style! 1. Food If there’s one thing that’s truly Australian, it’s trying to cook a turkey and roast vegetables on a 40˚C day! If you’re anywhere in the tropics, skip this northern hemisphere tradition and go for seafood. Not only is sourcing a turkey near impossible, but local seafood is likely to be…
Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:00

A Very Bloggy Christmas

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By Jack Koci Does the thought of sitting back and relaxing over Christmas and New Year with nothing to do terrify you? After a hectic year where every waking moment was spent hurriedly writing proposals, running experiments, catching flights, missing flights, presenting at conferences, submitting progress reports, writing papers, responding to reviews, and juggling family commitments…the list goes on… some of us might find the transition to a more sedate lifestyle somewhat challenging. Well fear not my friends! RAID has you covered. We’ve put together a scrumptious platter of some of the best blogs from 2016, to ease you gently…