About RAID


Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID) is an Australia-based network, bringing together early to mid-career researchers with an interest in agriculture and international development.

RAID was founded by a group of young Australian scientists, who saw value in a network that allowed them to connect with their peers and share knowledge and experiences working internationally. The group also believed that raising awareness about careers in international agricultural research could help to engage more young Australians in agriculture. RAID does not manage and implement research programs but instead promotes existing career pathways and development opportunities within Australian and international research organisations.

RAID was established in December 2013 with support from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). RAID is hosted by the Crawford Fund Ltd. 


To connect, engage and support agricultural researchers with an interest in agriculture and international development.


RAID is an active network of motivated researchers who enhance each other’s career by sharing knowledge and opportunities related to agricultural research for international development.


  1. Promote and advocate agricultural research for international development;
  2. Facilitate knowledge sharing between researchers;
  3. Build capacity and capability of early to mid-career researchers; and
  4. Increase involvement of young Australians in agricultural research for development and more broadly in agriculture. 

To achieve these objectives, RAID has established an online platform (website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for knowledge and resource sharing, promoting opportunities (employment, further study and volunteer posts) and for sharing experiences. RAID is also facilitating networking at conferences and hosting capacity building events.

The success of the network will depend on the ideas, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of our members. So c’mon, get on board and become a RAIDer.

Management Committee

Jack Koci

Jack Koci is President of RAID. Jack completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Hydrology and Water Resources with Honours at James Cook University, Cairns. From 2013 to 2015, Jack worked as a Research Officer at ACIAR, involved in the Soil Management and Crop Nutrition, Land and Water Resources and Forestry Research Program Areas. He is now completing a PhD at the University of the Sunshine Coast, investigating the hydrological processes driving gully erosion and associated sediment and nutrient loss from grazed tropical savannas in northern Australia. 


DiMayberryProfileDi Mayberry is a research scientist, frequent traveller and Vice President of RAID. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and PhD in Ruminant Nutrition at UWA, Di spent a year in the Philippines as a volunteer agronomist. On her return to Australia, Di spent 3 years as a Post Doc at UQ before moving to her current job at CSIRO. Di's interests are animal nutrition, livestock farming systems and taking photos of cows. She has worked on research projects in Indonesia, India and Tibet. 


Carl profile

Carl Menke is Treasurer at RAID and a Research Graduate Officer in the Natural Resource Management Cluster at ACIAR. Carl completed his undergraduate in environmental management with honours at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, before starting his masters in soil and plant nutrient cycling within a rehabilitation context. He is very interested in the sustainable management of soil and plants systems to maximise long term growth, as well as novel agricultural and communication technologies.


JennyHanks FriendlyFarmers 1121

Jenny Hanks is the Secretary of RAID. Jenny completed a veterinary degree at Charles Sturt University where her first experience in R4D was in Pakistan on a dairy development project. Since completing her degree Jenny has volunteered on an ACIAR project in Laos, was a grad at ACIAR for two years and now works as a project coordinator for the University of Melbourne on a smallholder farmer project in Myanmar.



Jack Hetherington

Jack Hetherington is Events Director. Jack completed a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at Sydney University majoring in Production Animals. In his final year Jack undertook an Honours project assessing the relationship of livestock ownership and food security indicators throughout the Millennium Villages. Currently, he is a Research Program Officer at ACIAR and has been coordinating a series of research activities evaluating mobile technology for data collection.



Miriam profile

Miriam McCormack is on RAID Central Committee as an Events Director alongside Jack Hetherington. Miriam is currently working as a Research Program Officer at ACIAR, Canberra, after starting last year as a Graduate officer. In 2015 she completed my Bachelor Agricultural Science (Honours) at UTAS, Hobart. Her honours thesis focused on the knowledge transfer and technology adoption of smallholder beef farmers on the south central coast of Vietnam. Miriam is interested in farmer decision making and motivation. This year her work is focusing on gender and agricultural extension in international research for development projects.


David MicGillDavid McGill works with Skye Gabb on maintaining RAIDs communication and social media. David completed a Bachelors of Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney and his PhD at Charles Sturt University working on quantitative genetics. Over the last eight years David has been the project manager/leader of an ACIAR project working on improving small-holder dairy production by working with local extension and research departments. In early 2016 David started working at the University of Melbourne in an international R4D role in animal production. His interests vary widely ranging from genetics and epidemiology to impact assessment using the big data we can capture using mobile technology - and of course continuing with his strong links and partners in Pakistan.

Skye Gabb

Skye Gabb has responsibility for managing RAID's social media and website with David McGill. Skye has recently submitted her PhD through UNE and CSIRO using farming systems research to assess the impact of forage legumes on whole farm production and livelihoods in Eastern Indonesia. Skye started in international R4D as an AVID volunteer, spending 10 months in Indonesia where she fell in love with the work, leading to her PhD research in a similar field. Skye is currently employed on an ACIAR project in Eastern Indonesia to expand her PhD research to other islands in the region.


Madaline Healey

Madaline Healey is responsible for coordinating partnerships and sponsorship between RAID organisations and networks. Madaline studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Melbourne University and a PhD in thrips ecology at CQU before heading off to Laos as a volunteer entomologist. On returning to Australia in 2015, Madaline started working at the University of the Sunshine Coast on ACIAR projects in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Her interests are integrated pest management, biological control and all things veggies.


Rowan Smith

Rowan Smith is a RAID committee member supporting the events, partnerships and finance roles. Rowan completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) in Hobart. In 2012, Rowan completed a PhD at UTAs working on the impacts of wildlife grazing on pastures in Tasmania. In 2013 Rowan began coordinating an ACIAR project working on developing productive and profitable smallholder beef enterprises in Central Vietnam. Rowan's research interest focuses primarily on pasture and forage production as well as herbage development. Rowan is a self-confessed sports nut!



State-based Representatives


Di Mayberry - CSIRO Brisbane

Jack Koci and Madeline Healey - University of Sunshine Coast


Julia de Bruyn and Johanna Wong - Sydney University

Rohan Riley and Deane Woruba - Western Sydney University

Thomas Williams - Charles Sturt Univeristy, Wagga Wagga


Rebecca McBride - Department of Agriculture and Water Resources


Anthony Leddin - Valley Seeds

Jenny Hanks - Univeristy of Melbourne


Rowan Smith - University of Tasmania


Brendan Brown, Nicholas Hansen and Franziska Doerflinger - University of Adelaide


Myrtille Lacoste - University of Western Australia


Gianna Bonnis-Profuma - Charles Darwin University, Darwin


Contact the State-based Representatives through the 'Contact' page